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devduckswap market place home page is a comprehensive booking management system for the Tooth Fairy and a place for parents to book tooth collections. The application has been built with the MERN stack and deployed with Netlify and Heroku created by myself and Catherine Callcott-Stevens.

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We were approached by our client, the Fairy in Charge (FIC) of Tooth Inc. aka The Tooth Fairy, to create a new full-stack web application. She chose our team to handle this Top Secret project because of our reputation for professionalism and safeguarding sensitive data. This was mostly thanks to a referral from Santa Claus after we digitised his 'Naughty and Nice List'.

This web app serves two main purposes. Firstly it is a portal that parents and carers can use to book in a tooth pick-up on the day their child loses a baby tooth. Secondly, it is a dashboard that the Tooth Fairy can login to manage her company.

Before hiring us to make this app there was no one place to manage Tooth Inc. If a parent needed to book a tooth pick up they would depend on magic to tell the Tooth Fairy. This worked fine when there were only a few children who believed in her, but as her reputation has grown - mostly thanks to her massive social media following, and the number of children under 6 has shot up to almost 1 billion, magical transmissions have become too unpredictable. Furthermore, modern parents are accustomed to excellent customer service. They need an app with a secure login that saves all their data, and an easy booking system where they can book, check, edit and cancel a booking and get immediate confirmation that they were successful.

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While moving from an esoteric to a more practical management system the Tooth Fairy realised, in collaboration with us, that she could streamline her company by moving it online. We decided on a highly secure dashboard where she can view all the daily orders, how many tooth collections are pending, and the total Fairy Dollar balance of Tooth Inc. It also shows how many deliveries will be done on each continent and gives an average rating of each region's manager based on parent reviews.

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