novid news

express, mongo, handlebars

TLDR: An express app developed as part of the Coder Academy hackathon 2020. Theme: Post-pandemic.

The overload of coronavirus content in the news recently has had a negative impact on mental health (i.e anxiety, isolation, problems sleeping, etc.).

search for a duck and view all current listings page

Our team used a News API and scrubbed the data to redact and replace virus related words to establish a less-depressing place to read the most recent headlines.

The seal of approval was then given to all redacted articles and users have the option to redact extra words in the browser.

😷 Javascript, SCSS, Handlebars
😷 Node.js, Express.
😷 MongoDB, Mongoose.
😷 Heroku.
😷 Trello, Slack.
😷 NewsAPI.