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The dev-duck-swap market place application provides a two-sided market-place for developers to find, buy and sell debugging ducks.

Rubber ducky debugging is a popular problem-solving method within the tech industry; developers are encouraged to place a rubber duck at their work station and speak aloud to it whenever they encounter a bug.

The number of information technology professional jobs in Australia is expected to increase to 758,700 by 2023 but a specific debugging duck buy and trade platform doesn't exist! There is a huge opportunity for a solution to enter the market in this unexplored territory.

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Locating a debugging duck is time-consuming as while this is a highly popular problem-solving method, there is not a central place for developers to go to specifically find a rubber duck.

Adding to the problem, when a developer becomes stuck with a bug it is often that their current duck does not know enough to provide a sufficient answer. There is no way of knowing debugging experience when a duck is gifted or purchased from a store.

The dev-duck-swap marketplace is a one-stop-shop to fix these problems by providing one platform of experienced ducks.

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🦆 HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Embedded Ruby, Bootstrap, Javascript.
🦆 Ruby 2.6.3, Ruby on Rails 5.2.4.
🦆 Postgresql, D-Beaver.
🦆 Heroku.
🦆 Trello, Slack.
🦆 Stripe, Devise, Ultrahook, AWS S3.
🦆 Git, Github, VS Code, Bundler, Balsamiq.

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